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Accessible and Inclusive Casting workshop

Alongside bespoke consultancy services, Access All Areas offers a wide-ranging programme of training in learning disabilities and autism for arts and cultural organisations.

All sessions are co-facilitated by an accredited trainer with learning disabilities and/or autism. All sessions include role play, scenario-based working and resource packs.

We also offer ongoing out-of-house services to organisations, creating Visual Guides, Easy Read documents and designing and delivering best practice Relaxed Performances.

Q & A

Aims of this workshop

To develop best practice understanding of working with learning disabled and autistic actors.

Who is it for?

Casting Directors and Agencies; Producers, Programmers and Artistic Directors.

Key points covered in the day

  • Introduction to learning disabilities and autism
  • How to create an accessible audition process to include easy read applications and visual stories of the audition day
  • Language and the social model of disability
  • Effective communication and creative steering
  • Representation of learning disabled and autistic people in the media
  • 2010 Equality Act and Reasonable adjustments
  • Working with creative support workers
  • Interactive approaches to working with scripts

What participants will gain skills, knowledge and confidence in

  • Their awareness of autism and learning disabilities
  • Creating a welcoming environment for learning disabled and autistic actors during the audition process
  • Making the application process accessible
  • Adapting and creatively working with scripts
  • What creative support workers are and how best to work with them
  • Using accessible communication

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